What's your Ultimatum?

Ultimatum helps you take action on the causes you care about most


Make a Real Difference

Posting on social media, sharing memes, or signing a petition doesn’t result in real impact on what you care about.

Here’s how Ultimatum empowers you to have a meaningful impact on a cause:

  • Take a stand on an issue quickly and easily

  • Support reputable non-profits working on the issues you care about

  • Automate your impact in response to real-world events, online and offline

  • Increase your impact with matched donations from corporate sponsors

  • Show your support by sharing a campaign on social media or showing up to an event so others can make donations based on your free actions

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How It Works

  1. Find a campaign supporting an issue you care about

  2. Make a pledge to donate to a non-profit every time an event happens online or offline

  3. Every time that event happens, you make a small donation to a non-profit to show your support

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News and Updates

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