2018 Year in Review

2018 was a big year for us. Our small but mighty team, made up of co-founders Matthew McCabe and Steve Regester and CMO Annie Jalota, worked on Ultimatum for months before launching private beta in April 2018. By the end of July, we rolled out public beta, allowing everyone to login and make a pledge on Ultimatum.

Here's what we accomplished together in 2018:

Registered users 2018.png

We are passionate about finding ways to help people take meaningful action on social and political issues. This year, Ultimatum converted social media activity and updates from charities into $3,324.00 in donations.


In 2018, Ultimatum customers took over 17,000 actions on the website! Every action lead to a small donation to a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

These 10 campaigns were our busiest, with the greatest number of actions occurring that activated donations from Ultimatum users.

Top Campaigns by Actions 2018.png

Instead of simply being frustrated by the current socio-economic climate in the US, Ultimatum users chose to take action. The most popular campaigns this year focused on human rights, political resistance, disaster relief, environmental protection, and health care.

Top Campaigns by Pledges 2018.png

Users also pledged over 50% of all donations this year towards campaigns focused on the same themes of human rights, political resistance, disaster relief, and environmental protection.

Top Campaigns by Donations Pledged 2018.png

With your help, we were able to support 18 different charities this year:

Charities supported 2018.png

It's been a busy year for us, and we are thankful to have you with us as we continue to make Ultimatum even better.

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