Take action on Ultimatum to prevent mass shootings in America

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 320 mass shootings in 2018 - almost 1 per day on average. We want to empower you to take real action to end mass shootings, and now you can through our End Mass Shootings initiative. Do you think there should be an increased focus on gun control legislation, or on improving the mental health care system? On Ultimatum, you decide, and make a donation to a nonprofit every time there is a mass shooting.

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Ultimatum CEO Matthew McCabe says, "Finding solutions to end mass shootings is controversial, but we want to empower people to take meaningful action. If we, as a country, continue to be apathetic, nothing will change, so we want everyone to know they can make a difference."

The initiative features two nonprofits, Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Everytown believes that respecting the Second Amendment does not have to be at odds with gun safety. Through their research and advocacy work at the grassroots level, Everytown supports the passage of common-sense gun laws to help prevent gun violence and save lives.

NAMI works to destigmatize mental health illnesses and improve access to preventative care and treatment. A report by the American Psychological Association notes the importance of improving our mental health care system: “Although it is important to recognize that most people suffering from a mental illness are not dangerous, for those persons at risk for violence due to mental illness, suicidal thoughts, or feelings of desperation, mental health treatment can often prevent gun violence.” This reinforces the need for improving access to mental health care as well as creating supportive communities for those suffering from mental illnesses.

Join us in the effort to end mass shootings in the US and take action today: https://www.yourultimatum.com/end-mass-shootings

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