Ultimatum partners with Cajun Navy Relief to support their Hurricane Florence relief efforts

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Today, Ultimatum partnered with Cajun Navy Relief to support their response to Hurricane Florence. The official PR is published here and shared below:

On Thursday, September 13, category 1 storm Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas. The storm is expected to cause flooding and damage in North and South Carolina, and the Cajun Navy Relief has already sprung into action with their relief efforts.

Ultimatum, Inc. has partnered with Cajun Navy Relief, a nonprofit organization based in Louisiana, to support relief efforts in the Carolinas. Cajun Navy Relief was originally created to help people impacted by the 2016 floods in Louisiana. The organization is made up of volunteers from all walks of life and all corners of the United States, and they come together to respond to hurricanes, floods, and other disasters to help those in need.


Cajun Navy Relief is already on the ground in the Carolinas and will be fundraising through their special campaign on Ultimatum. Anyone can support the relief efforts by creating a pledge on the website, or by using the hashtags #CajunNavy or #CajunNavyRelief on Twitter to activate donations.

The first $100 of donations will be matched by Ultimatum, Inc. and will go towards supporting the relief effort. The donations may be used to purchase supplies like rubber boots, gloves, masks, respirators, and more.


To donate to the Cajun Navy Relief, visit their Ultimatum campaign page.

If you would like more information about Cajun Navy Relief, visit their website.

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